Media Director Series

Welcome to unduplicated media measurement.

No more guesswork.

Take the guesswork and wasted spending out of your media buying.
Designed by media buyers for media buyers to give you a full picture of how audited media works together to deliver your audience.

See how
 Media Director Series© could maximize your advertising dollars.

Media Planning

Distinct report capabilities can be used to rationalize, analyze and maximize media strategies to leverage budgets and deliver results.


Evaluate media from a global vantage point by calculating unduplicated Reach & Frequency across all audited media.

Customized Markets

Drill down on specific counties or custom markets where data is available to eliminate waste and extend your advertising budget.

Can your current tool analysis do this?

MDS© allows you to show the unduplicated Reach & Frequency across four media platforms combined.
This holistic reporting helps you validate media strategies, uncover inefficiencies and determine when you can allocate dollars to other touchpoints beyond the traditional space.  Since you can customize market areas and easily identify the point of diminishing return, it is ideal for niche buys or advertisers with limited market areas who want to complement their digital and online footprints with broadcast, out-of-home and/or print. Request a demo to learn more.
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Unlimited Users
Pre & Post Buy Reporting with Insertion Order Integration
Multi-Media Reach & Frequency Analysis Tool
TV Reach & Frequency Analysis Tool
Radio Reach & Frequency Tool
Outdoor Reach & Frequency Analysis Tool
Newspaper Reach & Frequency Analysis Tool
Magazine Reach & Frequency Analysis Tool
TV & Radio Planning Tools
Insertion Order Forms
On-boarding and training provided by an MDS Planner/Buyer
Minimum 6-month term commitment
Additional 5% pre-paid annual discount available

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